We have several clinicians on staff, each with their own areas of specialties.

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People come into counseling because they want to solve a problem, improve their mood or confidence, achieve peace of mind, or some combination of these. The issues that bring people to seek professional help are usually so challenging that they've been been unable to solve them themselves. Sometimes you may need direction, education or skills training. 

Invest in yourself.

At Journeys Counseling Center, Inc., we believe that true healing is the best option. Forget about "bandaids" that simply make you feel better in the moment. Permanent, deep healing is what we offer through a wide variety of approaches. We help you move through tough times to become the best verision of yourself. We are trained in traditional as well as complimentary approaches to help you reach your goals. 


“The very good news is there is quite a number of internal circumstances […] under your voluntary control. If you decide to change them (and be warned that none of these changes come without real effort), your level of happiness is likely to increase lastingly.” – Martin Seligman on Psychology (Seligman 2002, p. xiv)